Project Management



Cameratta Companies has the resources available to discharge the day-to-day responsibilities of your site project. From overseeing project regulations to managing vendor bidding, no task is too large or too small for the Cameratta Companies team. See below for a review of the specific project management services of Cameratta Companies.

  • Provide vacant unit maintenance
  • Oversee the developer 1 year warranty on units
  • Create homebuyers guide
  • Implement warranty program for the project
  • Inspect and document warranty requests
  • Administer warranty work through sub-contractors
  • Oversee the general contractor 3 year common area warranty
  • Evaluate, prepare, and manage project homeowner association budget
  • Evaluate project insurance
  • Oversee project rules and regulations
  • Provide homeowner association financial evaluation and planning
  • Implement homeowner association expense reduction/control evaluation
  • Monitor state statute association law updates
  • Monitor project vendor bidding
  • Evaluate project association reserves
  • Provide association accounting and bookkeeping
  • Prepare annual association report distribution
  • Coordinate board and membership meetings
  • Provide on-site management services
  • Supervise contractor work
  • Oversee general project association maintenance
  • Prepare correspondence to unit owners in violation of rules
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service